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Yoga Filosofie: Yama’s & Niyama’s (in het engels)    ohm pic

Yoga is the one of the most powerful instruments to spiritually. Yoga is more than just gymnastics if you look deeper into the means of it and follow the yama and niyama, which are a form of moral imperatives, commandments, rules or goals. Yoga becomes real only then, when we fully let it in our life and experience it every day and in every situation – it is a harmonious state of mind and our heart.
Yama and Niyama – are the names of the first two steps in yoga, which were stated by the sage Patangali in “Yoga Sutra”. The Yamas and Niyamas are often seen as ‘moral codes’, or ways of ‘right living’. They really form the foundation of our whole practice, and honouring these ethics as we progress along ‘the Path’. It’s the first and ultimate condition for any person, who begins his path of the personal evolution, self-improvement.  The directions of Yama and Niyama prepare you, strengthen your will, teach to control your exterior and inner manifestations.
That’s the essence of yoga – to serve and practice for the good of all living creatures, thereafter to you. To sum up and encourage you I would like to quote the great teacher Milarepa, who achieved clarification in one life – “Everybody can persist, can achieve the same“.
Hope to see you!

Docent: Maryna Parfenchuk

Wanneer: 13 December, 10:00-13:00 uur

Kosten: vrije donatie/free donation voor Serious Request

Locatie: Studio Flow’er Live Yoga, Korendijk 34, Middelburg

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